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The original neoprene necktie drink holder.  Holds bottles and cans.  MADE IN FLETCHER, NORTH CAROLINA, U.S.A.

The Bev Tie, The Beer Tie, Hands Free Beverage Holder


Diggin' the Bev Tie at Ale Share - Highland Brewing Company, Asheville NC

Diggin' the Bev Tie at Ale Share - Highland Brewing Company, Asheville NC

Style and Function 

The Bev Tie holds bottles and cans and keeps your hands free.  No more spilled drinks or awkward wet handshakes at parties.    

The Bev Tie keeps your hands free at Parties, Potlucks, Tailgates, Grilling, Camping, Weddings...anywhere you need to hold a drink and look stylish.  You'll never go back to conventional beverage holding!  

Made in USA 

We care about the people who buy our product, but we also care about the people who make our product.  That's why all of our Bev Ties are made locally by a Living Wage Certified manufacturer.  We love our production partner and are so proud to offer an amazing, high quality, Made in USA product to our customers!  

Waterproof Neoprene

Our premium neoprene fabric insulates your beverage and keeps it cold.  

But guess what?  Bonus time!!!  Since it's waterproof, it also keeps any beverage condensation from getting on your shirt.  This anti-beverage-sweat technology keeps your shirt stylish and dry so you can party on.  Yea, we thought of everything.