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The original neoprene necktie drink holder.  Holds bottles and cans.  MADE IN FLETCHER, NORTH CAROLINA, U.S.A.

Royal Blue

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Royal Blue

Blue Bev Tie - Paisley - Bottle.jpg
Blue Bev Tie - Paisley - Bottle.jpg

Royal Blue



"It’s good to be the King" and you’ll feel like royalty when you wear this Royal Blue Bev Tie.  Real nobles don’t hold their beverages.  You know why?  Because their ties are holding their beverages for them, that’s why.  “Tie-eth One On” in Royal Blue and live like a King!

Perfect for:  Parties, Potlucks, Tailgating, Grilling, Camping, Kayaking, Concerts and more!  


Product features:

- MADE FROM WATERPROOF NEOPRENE - keeps your drink cold and condensation off your clothing.

- DRINK POUCH – holds your beverage and keeps your hands free!

– BOTTLE/CAN MODE – easily switch from bottle to can mode by pressing up on the bottom of the pouch to engage the “Awesome Velcro Strip

- VELCRO NECKSTRAP - secures the Bev Tie comfortably around your neck.

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